Services & Fees


The Alfus Group, Inc. customizes each search to fit the client’s needs. Our fees and expenses are consistent with the standards established by The Association of Executive Search Consultants.




A retained search is recommended for clients with openings that require a detailed analysis of the position’s distinctive duties, as well as critical areas such as corporate culture, reporting structures, and ownership relationships. The recruiter is available to attend interviews or chef tastings. Clients needing this level of search will receive a nation-wide examination of the best available candidates, while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. This option utilizes our full Nine-Step Search Methodology, outlined below


1) Needs Assessment Analysis

6) Personal Interviews

2) Strategic Selection Profile

7) Candidate Presentation & Referencing

3) Candidate Identification     

8) Client Interviews Top Selections

4) Recruitment of Candidates

9) Candidate Closing

5) Review of Candidates with Client


For a detailed breakdown of these nine steps, Click here


For a retained search, our fee is based on the taxable income the selected candidate receives in the first year of employment including any guarantees, and a midpoint estimate of potential bonuses and incentives. An initial retainer begins the assignment. Unique to the industry, we only require an interim retainer when the client agrees to interview candidates we have presented. A final bill is invoiced only when a selected candidate begins employment.




A contingency search is available to clients who do not require the full retainer package.  This option provides an abbreviated version of the Nine-Step Search Methodology, and offers a six month guarantee period. Our fee is determined by the annual base salary, and we waive the initial retainer.  An invoice for the full amount will be presented only when the selected candidate begins employment.




A limited referral search is available to clients who do not require our Nine Step Search Methodology. This option only utilizes our
in-house database and networking of industry contacts, and carries a three month guarantee period.




The Alfus Group guarantees a selected candidate for one year in a retained search, six months in a contingency search and three months in a referral search.  During this period, we replace the individual at no additional cost, unless the replacement receives a higher compensation package.